Qikiqtaluk Region (Baffin Region)

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    Medical practice in Nunavut is a cross cultural (85% of the people of Nunavut are Inuit) mix of emergency medicine and family practice. It is a collaborative practice involving nurses in health centres spread across the communities of each region. While often very demanding, the practice is most rewarding.

    Medical practice in the Qikiqtaluk Region is based out of the Qikiqtani General Hospital in Iqaluit, the Capital of Nunavut.

    The 20-bed general hospital is staffed by family physicians, family practice anesthetists, and one general surgeon. In addition, there is a pediatric resident and a family practice resident each month of the academic year.

    Family practice work consists of ambulatory care clinics, 8 and 12-hour-long emergency room shifts, phone support to nurses in remote health centres, community visits, surgical assists, and the occasional medevac. Obstetrical care is also provided. Over 400 births take place at the hospital each year.

    Tertiary care cases are referred to Ottawa, approximately 1,250 air miles south by jet. The Qikiqtani General Hospital is a teaching practice affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine of University of Ottawa.

    Family physicians in Iqaluit are expected to work in ambulatory care and obstetrics or the emergency room or in all three areas. Each family physician working at the hospital for more than one month may have the opportunity to travel to one or two designated communities in Baffin region.

      Working in Iqaluit provides constant clinical challenges; no two days are the same. Despite the wide clinical scope and remote location, I have never felt professionally isolated. The work environment is extremely collegial. A second opinion is just down the hall; colleagues take the time to help each other. There is an underlying feeling that we are in this together. Rebecca Comley, M.D.

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